If you have any doubts about whether one of our activities is appropriate for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Our low level activities are adequate for anyone who is in a healthy physical state, without necessarily having to do any type of sport. These activities are perfect for those who have a generally inactive lifestyle and are just getting started in the world of hiking and also for those who simply want to spend the day amongst nature without having to make too much physical effort.



These routes require good physical health and are ideal for those who may not exercise regularly but are used to walking in the mountains carrying a backpack. All of our trekking activities are categorised as at least medium level as they involve walking in the mountains for several days in a row. That being said, if separated, some routes would fall into the low level category.



These are our most demanding activities. They are for those who have an above average mental and physical capacity and who also exercise or do mountain activities regularly. These routes can be categorised as high level for the physical effort that is required, such as steep slopes or total kilometres, or for the technical requirements necessary to complete the route.


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