Peñalara, the alpine view of Madrid

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The Peñalara Hike

This classic route in the National park of the Guadarrama mountain range takes us to Peñalara, the highest summit, standing at 2428 metres tall. It is one the most attractive and alpine routes of the national park.

After reaching the peak, we will continue along the crest until we reach the cliff of Los Claveles, from where we will descend along the east side of the mountain range, through areas dotted with glacial lagoons. This route offers magnificent views, from the flat plains of Segovia to the distant Gredos mountain range.

Climbing Peñalara

At 2428 meters, Peñalara is the highest summit of the Community of Madrid. Despite its height, Peñalara is not complicated to climb and offers a route in an exceptional alpine environment. You will be able to enjoy magnificent views from the peak of the mountain, and observe the glacial lakes that are dotted along the mountainside.

The Glacier Lagoons

Instead of taking us to the peak of the mountain, this route will lead us along the mountainside, giving us the opportunity to view the lakes, of glacial origin, from close up. These lakes are the habitat of unique amphibians, which are under special protection.

It is an accessible route, ideal for anyone who enjoys being in the mountains.

The Big Glacier Lagoon

This small route takes us to the centre of the glacial cirque of Peñalara, situated on the shore of the Big Lake, which of the all the lakes in the zone, is the most spectacular. The slopes on this route are very manageable, and so it makes a great option for all the family.



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